Salvation is by Faith in Jesus Christ

For centuries men have pondered the question “why am I here.” What is the purpose or meaning of life? Is there a God, or is He a thought and creation of mere men? If there is a God, who is He? How can I know for certain? How can I

know Him? What does He require of me? What is my relationship to Him? Question after question after question. Man has always sought something to believe in that is greater than himself. “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God” (Ps.14:1a).

Once man came to the realization that there is something greater than himself, he has “pushed the envelope” ever since. He has devised system after system to try to explain his existence. These constructions range from the “Big Bang Theory” with its evolutionary model steeped in science to out and out creations of deities to worship. Embedded in each of these creations is the idea that one must be reconciled to our original maker. These creations of deities necessitated the creation of a standard or standards by which man would be governed, judged and held account­ able by such. Rising from these standards are various ideas of deity appeasement or in the case of Christianity, Salvation.

--Jim Thurman

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