Sailing to Mexico

Mark is a landlocked sailor. He lives in northern Texas, not exactly a desert but close enough. Fortunately there are lakes. For Mark, his girlfriend Dana and another sailing couple, times are good. They have been sailing for the past five years on Lake Grapevine and enjoying life. Then the other couple and their sailboat disappear. Marks manager and co owner of the boat, is promoted and moved to Harlingen by the company they work for. Mark agrees to sell his half of the boat to his manager, if they ship the boat to Galveston. That way Mark gets the chance to sail on the gulf while delivering the sailboat to Port Mansfield. Mark manages to locate their missing sailing friends in Galveston and reconnect with them. The reason they left without a word to Mark and Dana is soon revealed. Mark and Dana agree to help their friends solve their problem.

From there things swerve left into Mexico's coastal waters. The couples are suddenly thrust into the murky, dangerous, and potentially deadly world of drug running, kidnapping, and evading the Mexican Navy. Events unfold that put the two couple's friendship to the test as the couples face some extreme challenges. Will their resourcefulness and courage be enough to get them through?

--J. Boyce

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