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The Taylors are moving from Houston to Rio de Janeiro where Mark will head Titan Global Energy's new Brazil affiliate. The high-profile job is an opportunity to reboot his plateaued, twenty-year career with the company. His alluring wife, Sara, is beginning a new phase of life as an empty nester. Both are looking forward to sharing the adventure of a foreign assignment with Norm and Lisa Nielsen, best friends from their early years with Titan and who already live in Rio.

The day they arrive, Mark visits the Nielsen home expecting a heartfelt reunion. Instead, he finds their friends brutally murdered. The Taylors are devastated and embark on a perilous journey to discover the elusive motive for the crime. They will need the help of their new friends, the U.S. Consul General in Rio and an FBI Special Agent if they are to survive the effort.

As Mark and Sara deal with the risks they face, the reader will vicariously experience living in the beautiful but dangerous city of Rio de Janeiro.

--Tom Oglesby

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