Raising Children With Chronic Illness: A Mother's Journey

This is an inspiring, heartfelt story of a mother's journey in raising two children who were diagnosed with very serious health problems at birth. The mother has a unique perspective as both a psychologist and registered nurse as she and her husband diligently worked to provide the best life possible for each child. The determination and perseverance this family showed in fighting for each child's very existence is quite remarkable.

The youngest child who was born with a severe case of cystic fibrosis required a liver transplant as a teenager and later a double lung transplant in his early twenties. He is now thirty years of age doing well and working as a registered nurse. His older brother who had breathing trouble at birth contracted a virus later in childhood that resulted in ulcerative colitis requiring a complete colectomy. He is now thirty-two years of age. He is thriving and doing well working in the medical field.

A nice dimension to the book is that each boy is interviewed and asked what it was like living with a chronic illness as a child and now as an adult. Each boy's advice to parents of chronically ill children is meant to be of support to parents in their life journey in raising their child.

--Dana P. Rogers Ph.D RN

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