Protecting The Afghan Women: The Legal Tradition and the Violation of Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

Protecting the Afghan Women focuses on the injustices women in Afghanistan face on a regular basis and has a strong focus that uses many examples throughout to back up its claims. It examines the deep cultural and historical roots of discrimination and violence against women in Afghanistan, including the country's strong religious and cultural practices. It looks at the relevant verses of Islamic scripture and the thinking that has developed around them to search for an answer. Does the problem lie in widespread ignorance by so-called mullahs and religious leaders, or is it a continuum of extreme abuse against women that has roots much deeper and long-standing than the relatively brief era of Taliban control?The book discusses these issues at length and also considers Afghanistan's new constitution, attempts to determine the state's obligation to protect and advance women's rights, and addresses the failure of the Afghan government and human rights actors to promote women's rights in Afghanistan in a broader sense.

--Adam S.

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