Precious and Fragile Things

Valerie left someone behind. He was everything to her. She was so in love, so young. Then her life was over. She awoke in a new body, never having a chance to mourn the previous one. She struggled with understanding relationships and the roles people played in her life. She never let go of the face of her love from the prior, nor did she let go of the desire for him. She spent years searching and yearning for him—then she found him. But, it was too late.

Valerie discovered an outlet into the afterlife. She bonded with her grandparents in heaven; on earth, she had no relationship with her own mother, brother or sister. She spoke to her grandparents through signs and symbols that got her through life's traumatic twists and turns. She came to understand they all followed the same path of struggling with love, relationships, and the secrets they kept in search of these answers. Valerie went from relationship to relationship, never finding peace, until she broke the cycle. As with life, this novel is about the journey, not the destination.

--Debby Kruszewski

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