Planted by the Water

This collection of original stories, poems, and lyrics exposes the heart of one soul surrendered to Lord Jesus Christ. During the 1980s, Phyllis Hubbell began to be inspired by that “still, small voice” (1 Kings 19:12 KJV) of the Holy Spirit as she attended in-depth Bible study classes. Transformation requires change, but for someone who preferred structured, predictable routines, who was trapped in the tar pit of tradition, any change from the norm was difficult. The Gardener not only plants one by the living water, but also removes the weeds from the heart (mind) such as worry, pride, and self-sufficiency. Page by page, one will be edified and inspired to receive that inner peace that surpasses all understanding, to live without fear, to know Jesus in a personal one-to-one, intimate relationship, and to hear the mind-renewing whispers of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

--Phyllis Hubbell

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