Pain and Adversity Saved My Life: How to Turn Pain into Triumph—Adversity into Opportunity

I am not great because I follow a script; I am great because I am the script. —Paul D. Forgay

Sometimes we read books about how to be like someone else. This book doesn't mirror that, it is about having the prowess to be you and not what others want you to be, it's about Turning Pain Into Triumph and Adversity Into Opportunity. It has always been a dream of mine to write a book—and not just any book, but a book that would impact others' lives in a hopeful, inspirational, purposeful way. I envisioned a book of substance and meaning that would truly matter to people, filled with my own inspirational life experiences. I know if I can Turn Pain Into Triumph and Adversity Into Opportunity, you can too.

--Paul D. Forgay

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