Our Time to Dance, A Mother’s Journey to Joy

Eva Doherty Gremmert has written a loving, poignant book about the deep joys and

profound challenges of raising a son with complex physical and mental disabilities. She

recounts with great suspense her struggles with skeptical doctors, stubborn educators and

her own raw emotions as she strives to give her son the chance to live his best possible

life. Our Time To Dance is a gentle, readable and inspiring story of faith, perseverance

and fierce love.”

Debby Applegate, author of The Most Famous Man in America:

The Biography of Henry Ward Beecher, 2007 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Biography

“If you've ever wondered if you can get through the insane challenges of life and not just

survive - but thrive! - you'll find the answer as you read this amazing story written by Eva

Doherty Gremmert. Our Time To Dance will awaken a discovery of your own amazing

power to rise above life's crushing unexpected difficulties, and even find joy in them. This

story reframed my own adversities in new ways and gave me strength to be different in

the midst of them. You don't want to miss the uplift you'll find in this remarkable tale of

hope and overcoming!”

DeAnna Murphy, CEO of People Acuity, Author, Keynote Speaker,

Top 100 Global Coaching Leader

“Eva Doherty Gremmert's emotional and poignant story about her son's journey with

Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) was written from her heart and soul. Caring for a

loved one with LGS, and recalling the countless seizures and hospital visits, is not an easy

thing to do. But Eva's passion for her son is apparent through her writing. This book,

Our Time To Dance, is highly recommended for any parent or caregiver who feels alone

in their LGS journey.”

Christina SanInocencio, Executive Director LGS Foundation

(Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome)

“A triumphant memoir! With unflinching candor and poignant acumen Gremmert

potently captures and conveys the joy and sorrow of mothering a child with a disability.

The achievement of the memoir is its refusal to sentimentalize the mother's very real

struggles in raising her son, while simultaneously challenging normative assumptions

that position disability as a burden. Our Time to Dance is not only a journey to joy but

a maternal rendering of the hero's quest. A book for all mothers to read and rejoice in!”

Dr. Andrea O'Reilly, publisher of Demeter Press and

author of Matricentric Feminism: Theory, Activism, and Practice

--Eva Doherty Gremmert

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