ORBIT: Book One: Civility in Space

What do an android, nine student astronauts, their avatars, the moon, and thousands of satellites have in common? Only they can protect the future and only because they are in orbit!Join Commander Roy Sherwin and his team on the Satellite Observation Outpost: Copilot, Cosmonaut Maxim Chernov; Seismologist April Kuboto; Launch Engineer Fergus McClure; his sister, Dr. Claire McClure, MD; Propulsion Engineer Li Ming, Physicist Anya Lande; and their VR instructor, android Professor SID in their final year of training for a mission to Mars.Share their urgent quest to analyze and interpret forces at work on Earth's surface and in orbit around it. Use science, including astronomy, meteorology, physics, biology, geography, and medicine, along with math, theology, social intelligence, mindfulness, and virtual reality to reveal the source of mysterious lunar surface movement. Explore the real-time complex balance of Earth's regenerative powers that ensure it continues to sustain human life.For the first time in history, humankind cannot learn from the past to protect the future!Experience action in orbit on the Satellite Observation Outpost with Roy, Max, Claire, Gus, April, Ming and SID as they work to interpret and improve conditions on Earth while planning for the future and human life on Mars.

--T. K. Reilly

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