One Microsecond

In spite of Peter Jordan's best efforts to teach and protect his beautiful ten-year-old daughter, Jennifer, she is taken from him by a stranger in a red car. In one second, his life is changed forever.

Peter works tirelessly with search and rescue to find her. Longing for his phone to ring with the words, “We found her. She is alive.”

Meanwhile, Tuffy, Jennifer's curly-haired black terrier sits on the window seat at home, watching and waiting for his mistress to come back. Will he ever see his special girl again? He misses her with his whole little heart, and whimpers as he waits with unfailing patience for his family to return.

Through the unconditional love of a small black dog named Tuffy, the help of strangers who become friends, and the support of an entire community, Peter finds hope and purpose through service, faith, and love of others.


--Wanda Carroll

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