One Gift to Give

Tiffany was an African American woman who was raised in a Christian household. After high school, she attended college and law school then started what would become an exciting career. Although at the expense of several failed relationships, Tiffany felt blessed to give birth to her son. Later in life, Tiffany found true love when she dated someone she believed was the man of her dreams.

Unfortunately, Tiffany's son made a stunning allegation which divided her family and caused what would become an emotional avalanche. Hit with a series of blows to her personal and professional life, Tiffany found herself at the edge of her rope. After having hit rock bottom, Tiffany was admitted into a facility with others who struggled to cope with their problems and rebuild their lives. While there, she became close friends with a Caucasian female, a Native American male, and a Hispanic male. Eventually, they banded together and became their own support network. Later, each of them discovered they had been given a gift from God. Finally, they were grateful for a second chance at life and were excited to share their newfound gifts with others!

Millions of families have been negatively impacted by tragedies that stemmed from suicide, suicidal intents, and/or mental illness. One Gift to Give illustrates a picture of the pain and desperation a person may endure before he or she decides to take their own life. This book will neither judge nor condemn anyone. However, it does affirm the belief that God has given a gift to everyone with which to live a purposeful life. It is much harder—if not impossible—to take your own life when you have discovered the gifts that God has given for your fulfillment in life and for his glory and honor!

--Darrell Mark Hutchinson

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