One Foot in the Grave, the Other Groping for Life: Lessons for Christians' and Christianity's Survival in the Twenty-First Century

Book Back SummaryForty Lessons to Help Christians Save Our Own Souls and the Soul of Our WorldMillions of people, Christians included, are “raging and rebelling,” caused mainly by feelings of purposelessness and hopelessness. Presently, many public injustices give excuses, even permission, for “venting” these feelings in public disobedience, unlawful protests, destructive rioting. Past and present history is often erroneously blamed for all the deep anger, anxiety, fear, and hatred.Ignorance of God as Creator and his purpose for the creation of each of us is totally unknown to the masses, or this knowledge has been lost or neglected. Our culture's conscience has been darkened by Christians' abuses, disobedience of God's laws and Jesus's teachings, neglect and abandonment of our vocations. The devil and his world have taken advantage of these lapses in Christians' failures in obedience. The devil and the world have been increasingly active and successful in entrapping Christians in the world's pleasures, values, and morals.Christians cannot be silent and passive any longer. Jesus needs each one of us to help prevent our total sliding into the grave of chaos, indifference, irrelevance. And soon, without the intervention of God, sought by our actions, we will experience the destruction of our Christian civilization. God calls us. He expects us to answer the call; then he will help, but only when we begin and continue to work in earnest.The book's lessons teach or reteach the game plan that God has given us, a game plan for peace and joy for us individually and for our world. Many of us wring our hands in defeat, as we survey the decay of our Christian society. We too easily believe and proclaim, “Who am I? What can I possibly do to help turn the culture around?” We forget the little church of the early Christians, who converted the mighty Roman Empire, one little person at a time. No more excuses. God is calling me and you to start today!Key FeaturesGod's plan is revealed in simple, clear language, emphasized in each lesson.Topics not new but important and eternal are easy to understand.Questions and suggested resolutions are useful guides.The Scriptures given for readings help the study of the teachings and the Bible.

--Yvonne Ardoin Dardeau

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