On Being A Blonde in Combat Boots

On Being a Blonde in Combat Boots is a compilation of events told through the eyes of the author; a five foot two, blonde, blue-eyed female who participated in musicals and beauty pageants as a teen and delivered an unexpected announcement that she decided to accept a scholarship from the US Army ROTC program to attend college and earn her commission as a military officer.

These events are all firsthand accounts about the many facets of military life that originate from the author's personal journal during her time in service. You will be entertained by both the humor and drama provided throughout the pages, as our author navigates her new independence on a path no one expected her to take, much less find success in.

Follow along with the author from the first semester in the ROTC program, to a devastating car accident, to the day she laced up her boots for the final time. This book may prove to shed some light into the daily workings of her experience as an active-duty staff officer as well as provide insight into the often overlooked areas of human emotion and psychology. Step into the boots of a blonde and discover why the phrase, “Blondes have more fun,” may be more of a revelation about the power of your state of mind rather than a nod to a genetic predisposition.

--Andrea Hancock

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