No Strings Attached: The Unconditional Love of the Savior

Dr. Karen Hutchins is an anointed woman of God who has overcome such major battles as divorce, death of immediate family members, and major illnesses. Because of her close communion with God and total reliance on His sovereignty, she has thrived through those battles, with a deeper appreciation of the power and love of God. Karen gave her life to the Lord as a child, and pursued Him through leading worship and teaching and preaching in churches in Texas, Washington, and North Dakota. Karen has a bachelor's degree in ministry, a master's degree in theology, and a doctorate in Christian counseling. In her hunger for God's truth, Karen is continually seeking God's heart for the wisdom He wants to impart to His church today. She conveys that wisdom through speaking at women's groups, Bible studies, conferences and retreats, and from the pulpit. She and her husband, Wayne “Hutch,” live in North Dakota, where he pastors two churches, with her by his side. Together, they make a powerful team through which God has worked miracles. Her son, Jason Breshears, his wife, Jennifer, and their two daughters, Hayley and Hannah, live outside Houston.

--Karen Hutchins

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