No Matter What

A broken man. A fallen woman. One loving God…or so each hopes.

Lance Corporal Scott James Gensicki was sent to war by God, asked by Him to go serve his country, to serve Him there. And all he has now is a darkness that is eating him from the inside out.

Not a single part of Anja Rose Whittle was free. Not a single part of her still knew what it was like to live a normal life, a life with Him in it.

God whispers, “Darkness, in all its irony, is a reminder of Me. It is a reminder that while there is darkness in this world, even inside you, it is so you can more clearly see the good, so you can see Me, even if I am not physically there. Faith is not only believing in what you can't see, but it is also believing what I can see.”

As your trustworthy guide, I am here to tell you their story—and your story—one that begs the question: will SJ and Anja give into the claws of darkness that threaten to bind them at every turn or will they claim God's promises of light that unlock a hopeful, bright future?

--Kathryn Merriam

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