Night Orders: Good Counsel Gives Light in the Darkness

The title is adapted from the author's naval experience in which the conning office (OOD) officer of the deck had responsibility to read and initial the captain's night order book upon assuming any of the three night watches.In addition to the ship's bridge standing orders there often were these particular notes entered into that night log by the captain in order to alert the bridge watch to certain things that especially concerned him—navigational dangers, convoy alerts, calling the CO at a designated time, and other matters he considered wise to note.Today in our lives, many changes are happening with regard to moral standards, economic realities, political realities, and many other areas of concern. And they are happening at an increasingly rapid rate. In our country and around the world, cultural sins, man-centered philosophies, and the anti-Christian and antichurch bent of society call for a similar memo.Aboard merchant ships, this log would be called the Master's Night Orders. The purpose of this book, the one you now hold in your hands, is to urge a watchfulness and a careful attendance to the Living Word, our true master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

--D.K. Dykema

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