My New Normal: Surviving My Miscarriages

As a result of experiencing four miscarriages in sixteen months, Lorraine faced the most challenging time of her life. When she searched for a resource to relate to during her times of isolation, she was left feeling more detached because nothing spoke to her postpartum depressive state or overwhelming feelings of hopelessness. This propelled her to begin writing for not only personal therapy, but ultimately to share her story with others who may be experiencing something similar. My New Normal: Surviving My Miscarriages details her transformative journey of self-discovery that chronicles the small peaks and deep valleys of miscarriage that are often only known to the ones who have experienced it. It is a very honest look and sometimes real-time documentation of the raw emotions and lifequestioning moments experienced when you lose an unborn child. It's also the examination of the stigma surrounding miscarriage and the new normal of silent suffering that many women face.

--Lorraine Frederick

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