My Holy Bible Extracts of 1,401 Powerful Verses

The work My Holy Bible Extracts of 1,401 Powerful Verses started on January 2, 2004 when I commenced an intensive and in-depth daily reading of the Holy Bible. It covered all the 39 books of the Old Testament and the 27 books of the New Testament. It comprises of 824 powerful verses from the Old Testament and 577 powerful verses from the New Testament. The breakdown is shown below:

a. Genesis: 25 verses

b. Exodus: 62 verses

c. Leviticus: 18 verses

d. Numbers: 37 verses

e. Deuteronomy: 73 verses

f. Joshua: 20 verses

g. Judges: 7 verses

h. Ruth 3: verses

i. 1 Samuel: 19 verses

j. 2 Samuel: 12 verses

k. 1 Kings: 9 verses

l. 2 Kings: 10 verses

m. 1 Chronicles: 10 verses

n. 2 Chronicles: 13 verses

o. Ezra: 3 verses

p. Nehemiah: 11 verses

q. Esther: 10 verses

r. Job: 24 verses

s. Psalms: 119 verses

t. Proverbs: 71 verses

u. Ecclesiastes: 15 verses

v. Song of Solomon: 6 verses

w. Isaiah: 89 verses

x. Jeremiah: 34 verses

y. Lamentations: 6 verses

z. Ezekiel: 23 verses

aa. Daniel: 24 verses

bb. Hosea: 9 verses

cc. Joel: 5 verses

dd. Amos: 3 verses

ee. Obadiah: 2 verses

ff. Jonah: 9 verses

gg. Micah: 4 verses

hh. Nahum: 2 verses

ii. Habakkuk: 6 verses

jj. Zephaniah: 3 verses

kk. Haggai 6: verses

ll. Zechariah: 12 verses

mm. Malachi: 10 verses

nn. Mathew: 90 verses

oo. Mark: 45 verses

pp. Luke: 51 verses

qq. John: 44 verses

rr. Acts: 29 verses

ss. Romans: 47 verses

tt. 1 Corinthians: 43 verses

uu. 2 Corinthians: 11 verses

vv. Galatians: 17 verses

ww. Ephesians: 23 verses

xx. Philippians: 11 verses

yy. Colossians: 12 verses

zz. 1 Thessalonians: 3 verses

aaa. 2 Thessalonians: 1 verse

bbb. 1 Timothy: 13 verses

ccc. 2 Timothy: 13 verses

ddd. Titus: 3 verses

eee. Philemon: 2 verses

fff. Hebrews: 33 verses

ggg. James: 18 verses

hhh. 1 Peter: 7 verses

iii. 2 Peter: 9 verses

jjj. 1 John: 14 verses

kkk. 2 John: 1 verses

lll. 3 John: 2 verses

mmm. Jude: 4 verses

nnn. Revelation: 31 verses

Each of the 1,401 powerful verses has either a question that pricks the conscience of the reader, excites him or her, and provokes in the reader the urge to review one's relationship with God. Interacting with some of the posers contained in this work will definitely lead to a sober reflection of the reader, as well as strengthen one's abiding faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to the questions, there are some explanations on some of the deep sayings of the Holy Book which most readers tend to misconstrue. Above all, this work will induce readers, particularly Christians, to take ownership in godly pursuits and to domesticate their relationship with God as against the lukewarm attitude of most Christians who treat God as an abstract being. This work is about the desire to draw near the God in us and to personalize our relationship with him. The work concludes with an afterword, which is a candid advice from the heart of the author to all readers.


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