My Bucket List of Adventures Fulfilled

Blurb"A while after mom passed, I encouraged dad to actually make a bucket list.  When he sent me his first list I had to laugh because there were only just a few things on it.  I suggested that he needed to think bigger and encouraged him to think about other things he might like to do.  I also invited him to go to New York City because he had never been there and I have loved exploring the City and felt he would love it too. "So in June of 2019, dad and my youngest sister Christina and I headed out for what turned out to be quite the adventure, full of delight and drama and wonderful experiences that he shares in this book.  It was wonderful for me to be a spectator of my dad's experiences in a new place and especially to take him to the Brooklyn Tabernacle to experience in person, the wonderful Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. In this book, dad will tell part of the story of this experience but there is more that I'd like to share.  We arrived an hour early for the service, after taking a bus and a ferry and walking a bit before taking another bus.  It was a very hot day and already there was quite a crowd lined up outside the Tabernacle, waiting for the doors to open for the 11:00am service.  During our wait, I encouraged dad to drink water but I saw that he was really struggling with the heat and having no place to sit. He was showing signs of exhaustion so I went to the entrance and talked with the two men there and asked if my dad could come inside and wait due to his declining condition.  They agreed and dad tells this drama part of the story in this book.  "When we were finally seated after the drama, I was beginning to feel claustrophobic.  The small, old theatre seats next to me were filled with overstuffed people and I was forced to be squished up against dad and I began to feel anxious.  But when the music started, 3300 people rose to their feet in joy and in worship and I was so overcome with joy that tears just poured from my eyes.  I couldn't stop the flow of tears. It was such a beautiful experience to be in the presence of God and just worship Him.  It was a day full of happiness and joy and I am grateful to have shared this with dad. "Dad was and still is a great but quiet teacher, teaching mostly by example.  When I was very young, we took a family trip to the ocean.  Even though I was only three or four, I remember so much about that trip…long walks on the beach with mom, looking for special rocks and shells;  clam digging with dad and going to sleep listening to the calming sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  One day while dad and I were clam digging, a huge wave swooped over me and took me out to sea.  Dad rushed into the waves and caught me before I could be taken to China or wherever.  As I look back, I don't remember being scared and the most amazing thing is dad didn't fuss about it at all.  He set me back on the sand and we continued to clam dig a bit further away from the ocean waves.  I truly believe this formed my initial beliefs about adventure and life…to be fearless.  If dad had shown panic or fear, the outcome may have caused me to be fearful instead of fearless.  I learned a most valuable lesson that day and have drawn on this lesson so many times in my life."By Lynette Rose

--Giles J. Isaacson

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