From his rooftop at home to a kiva in the west, Vic Nippert gives us his humorous and philosophical views of the world, the meaning of life, and growing up. His stories and humor can be read at bedtime, as pulpit homilies, and everything in between.

This collection of what may be called homilies came about as the result of his church asking for material for their monthly newsletter. Having written and edited some newsletters, he knew that was a plea for help from the newsletter editor. It is a sign that the editor has run out of his own material, and they would either lose a good editor or lose the newsletter, or both! So, he said, “Okay, I can come up with something that might work with the congregation,” and volunteered to come up with something every month.

Someone once said that writing is easy, “just sit staring at a blank piece of paper until drops of blood start forming on your forehead!” Well, that has not happened so far, but he has come close. So he made up some rules for himself, write what he knows about, keep it easy to read and keep it short, a page or two max. Oh, and try to put some chuckles in each article, something that most folks could smile and identify with.

A good number of their congregation asked him when he was going to write a book. He really stalled at that, not sure whether he was up to it or whether it would be well received, but sometime ago, he heard an adage that a man had to do three things in his life, plant a tree, have children, and write a book. So, after deep thinking, he hoped a collection of his articles would qualify as a book!

He wanted to thank all the church members who enjoyed the articles (or homilies), asked for more, and then pushed him to publish this collection.

Of course, no long-married writer should avoid dedicating his work to his wife. Tena has put up with a lot of interesting adventures with him, and he prays she continues to do so for a long time. They are at sixty-one years of marriage as he writes this and have four great kids who serve the public well in their professions. They are enormously proud of them.

This was really an enjoyable adventure for him, and he hopes all of you find the time to put your thoughts and memories in writing too!


--Victor Nippert

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