Musical Musings of One Viewing Life Through a Catholic Eye

A title such as this, Musical Musings of One Viewing Life Through a Catholic Eye, entails quite a responsibility on the part of the author mainly because, unlike a conventional book, it begs the readers not only to use their sense of sight but also their sense of hearing. The reason for the latter requirement stems from the desire of the author to take the prospective readers' poetic experience a notch higher by letting each word, each phrase, and each line in her twenty-one poems evolve and sprout melodic wings empowering them to take flight and soar with majestic grace into the magical realm of musical poetry.

Her next step is to invite all of you, poetry and music lovers alike, to tap into that mental faculty known as imagination and get figuratively airborne with her aboard this virtual “aircraft” of a book and experience a world viewed through the unfiltered lens of a Catholic eye.

And how does one do this? By logging in on your computer and typing in “” and pick out any of the twenty-one songs featured in the book and which had been culled from her four CD albums.

--Marie Fiel Bureros

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