Molly B'Damn : The Silver Dove of the Coeur D'Alenes

Young, beautiful, adventurous Maggie Hall left Ireland in 1873 to seek her fortunes in America, only to be forced into prostitution by the one man who had captured her heart. He even insisted her name be changed. Disillusioned but determined, she left him behind and ventured West, ultimately drawn to the rich ore mines of northern Idaho. She settled in Murray, Idaho, where her exploits, beauty, and prestige became legendary. History is often unkind to the memories of western prostitutes, known as doves, fairy belles, angels, or madams, yet many were, in truth, kind, generous, innovative, and extremely resilient women. This book is historical fiction based upon the true life of western legend Molly b'Damn.

--A. Jaydee

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