This book is not about religion nor what type of church you attend. This book will bring hope where hope has grown dim. This book is for the many who are ready to give up that may never step foot into a church or have walked out of one promising to never to back. This book is about a living, breathing, loving God who knows your name and desires for you to know him. He will reveal himself to anyone who wants to truly know him. This book is for the broken hearted, to those struggling with addiction and hopelessness. It is for all the praying mothers and anyone else out there that are clinging onto their faith for a miracle on behalf on their wayward child or loved one. To all the wayward children whom your mothers or someone else who loves you handed you this book in hopes that you will read it. This book was written with you in mind. God is pursuing you with his passionate love. There is no sin too great he cannot forgive nor hurt to deep he cannot heal. Now unto all the broken hearted and crushed in spirit God is close to all who call upon him, he will come and save you Psalm 34:18. You are not alone.

--MaryAnne Ong

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