Mental and Emotional Health in Children: A Wellness Plan for Home and School

Long periods of time doing something one does not enjoy or possess the natural talent for will lead to stress even if one had developed competency in it. Results over time can lead to illness, poor behavior, procrastination, aggression, addiction, and even violence. For parents and teachers, identifying a child's giftedness is a valuable guide in enabling the child to thrive.For instance, I have frontal right brain strength and a basal left brain weakness. I am creative, a risk-taker, and totally visual. I stack my work in piles. Too much paperwork causes headaches and irritability, so I use the sandwiching technique. I am a strong introvert and enjoy alone time. I read books but seldom listen to talks on tape. I learn by seeing. All this awareness guides me in my life and career and helps me to keep well mentally and emotionally.

--Kathleen A. Gallagher

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