Marked For Mayhem: Deciphering the Indiscernible - The Crazy Conundrum

Marked for Mayhem

Deciphering the Indiscernible: The Crazy Conundrum

Sedated, medicated, shrunk, and analyzed. What will we come to realize?

Have you ever been told “you're crazy”? Or that “it's just in your head”? Have you ever said this to someone else? If so, you are not alone.

One in five Americans will experience a mental health problem in any given year. There is a strong stigma surrounding mental health problems that leads to many mental health misconceptions. These fallacies often prevent patients from speaking out or seeking the help they need. Family and friends frequently misunderstand and have trouble connecting, further perpetuating the problem. We need to address the issues at hand in order to build and strengthen relationships through mutually aligned perspectives.

Each page of Marked for Mayhem will bring you closer to the inner workings of a mind riddled with multiple mental illness diagnoses. This journal-style book provides a firsthand, straight from the source, look into life with mental disorders. The highs and lows of bipolar disorder will be broken down. Eating disorder urges will be explained. Anxiety is analyzed. There are detailed entries on depression, and the plague of PTSD is explored. The road to recovery is reviewed and slowly begins to resonate.

The goal is to bridge the gap and allow for a deeper understanding of the severity of mental health issues and the thought processes that occur behind the scenes.

Take a dive down the rabbit hole—if you dare. Join in the mayhem and prepare to enter a unique world filled with raw, unfiltered emotions, dark dreams, and high hopes. Although the journey may be difficult, it is an incredibly insightful expedition.

--Danielle Hayden Grae

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