March to Maturity: Beautiful Christianity

Jesus' death and resurrection offers us sanctification, and transformation into dazzlingly beautiful Christians who adorn His Gospel on earth, attract people to Him, and manifest His Kingdom to an unbelieving world. If we let Him, The Holy Spirit will change us from ugly to beautiful; sinful to holy; and carnal to spiritual.

Dr. Sproul adopts scriptural approaches and offers practical solutions to issues facing us as newborn believers and as older Christians who daily confront our past, present, today's culture and the forces of darkness

• Discover God's perspective on beauty in the character, work and life of the believer

• Learn how to apply God's beautification process to attract people to Jesus and His kingdom.

• Grow through mental and spiritual transformation into beautiful, effective and appealing bearers of God's glory.

Join God's exciting thrust to empower His people to grow up and fully realize the manifestation of his amazing nature, image, and Glory in us.

--Dr. Wendy Sproul

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