Look at the Birds

Helping children choose trust over worry is an essential lesson never too early to begin.

Look at the Birds is a story born of quiet reflection and time spent in silly conversations with a baby. This book, in its simplicity, will connect adult readers with their young listeners while reminding them both to trust Jesus to care for them. Vibrant colors of the different birds will inspire children to look to nature to remember God's unwavering promises through Jesus. Through this book, children will become familiar with seven different birds in an engaging and happy way. As adults share this book with children, a timeless truth will be instilled, their value according to Jesus, “Are you not of more value than they” (Matthew 6:26)

Look at the Birds is a story for now, a book to initiate an understanding of the love of Jesus and to strengthen a foundation of trust for any adult who reads it.

--Lisa Anne Tindal

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