Living a HIP Life - Humble, Intentional, Prepared: The Story of a Mother, as Told by a Daughter

Living a HIP Life is a narrative of an extraordinary life. The book captures the wisdom and tenacity of a human who carved out a pathway that provided inspiration, guidance, and legacy for scores of people. Through shared insights and percipience, the book explores the pragmatic balance of living a wholesome, faith-filled life while preparing for life's changes and legacy preservation.

This book is about helping us and our loved ones celebrate and appreciate the newness that can be brought about physically, spiritually, and relationally when we strive to live a HIP life—humble, intentional, and prepared! At the end of each section is the opportunity for you, the reader, to reflect on your own life and how HIP it has been.

Living a HIP Life will help you:

• explore and understand God's purpose for your life

• assess your relationships and personal potentials

• plan how you want to be known and remembered

--Susan Lycett Davis (Dr. Sue)

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