Little White People

Imagine with me. If you will, you are a child in an abusive family situation. Late one night, you are called down from your bed and beat terribly. The beating was not the first time and, more than likely, not the last. The abuser sends you back to your bed with a broken and bruised body and spirit.

Looking forward to what life holds for you, you see a grim future and nothing good happening. You have finally climbed those fifteen steps, reached your bed, lay down, and suffered. Then out of the attic walk these creatures. You are not sure what or who they are, but they are the same shape as you. They are all white, have hands, feet, eyes, mouth, and nose. They are no taller than you. What would you call them? Me, I call them my Little White People.

Now, this is not the first time they have come out to visit. And like any child, when they walk toward the bed, you cover up your head. But this time you are not afraid. When they come over, you have decided to touch and walk with them. Somehow, they take your pain away just because you decided to join them.

Imagine now being gently pushed toward the attic door. Somehow one of the Little White People transforms the door, which leads to? You are not sure, but you are willing to take a step, hoping for something better.

Imagine what might be if only a little boy reached out to touch a finger.

--P. J. Smith

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