Little Children Little Problems, Big Children Big Problems: Comparative Challenges of Upbringing Rebellious Adolescents

Child upbringing determines the future of nations. Adolescent stage is ubiquitously the most difficult in this endeavor. Caregivers try to mold youngsters before entering this stage. However, biological factors usually surpass these efforts. Many adolescents are rebellious. Adolescents form a substantial percentage of world population. They cannot be overlooked. Their successes determine the world's future. Different cultures and religions have similarities and differences in upbringing adolescents. Some methods are autocratic, authoritative, or democratic. All aim at having successful adults. Positive oral communication builds good relationships between adolescents and their caregivers. Jews and some African tribes have good examples. In addition, Jesus's life gives unmatched examples. He is the Messiah. Lives of Prophet Mohammed and Buddha are also exemplary. Teachers are important caretakers. Their approaches in upbringing adolescents have profound impacts on the latter's future. Female adolescent upbringing is highly challenging. They may get pregnant. Those snared get into lifelong difficulties. Some of these entangle themselves. Aretha Franklin and Oprah Winfrey are good examples to emulate. Although caretakers try to protect females against pregnancies, the problem continues to exist. Unfortunately, some teachers and the clergy escalate the problem. We should not be involved.

--Samuel Lugeiyamu Mutasa

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