Life Illuminated

Life Illuminated is full of what I like to call my 2”×4” moments in life. The moments where my eyes were opened so wide by the truth; like literally being struck by a piece of wood to the head. Sounds painful right? Well, at times it is, but mostly, these moments are like being in the darkness of ignorance and then a giant light being turned on. A light of understanding and wisdom, talk about a light bulb moment…

May you experience the same light of understanding and wisdom and be transformed from darkness to a place where the light is shining. There is no power in the author's words, but there is power in the words of God found on these pages.

I hope to share with you some of the things that the Lord has used to light my path. May these words of encouragement help light your day and encourage you in your daily walk.

--Regina Chandler Tolbert

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