It's All About You!: A guide to becoming more vulnerable, loving deeper & becoming a better YOU

We live in a day and age where most people travel through life with no direction or knowledge of what their actual purpose is. Through many trials and tribulations, I found out exactly who I am and my reason for being on earth. Whatever your circumstance, you first need to become content with the person in the mirror. Without him or her by your side, you will stay lost. The mirror needs to become your best friend, otherwise you will be faced with figuring out life on your own, which can become a very lonely place indeed. Your fears, anger, boredom, and addictions will always make its way to the surface, which creates uncertainty in the core of your being.

Every person was once a young child with great big dreams…dreams of being the hero, of becoming something, or rising to the top and doing daring feats like rescuing the damsel in distress. Even better, every little girl has dreams of being rescued by her prince and swept off on a great adventure, knowing that she is the beauty. For some, they stay as dreams. What happens to those dreams when we grow up? Walk into most churches or large corporations, have a look around, and ask yourself, “What does today's man resemble?” Then look around you. Most people, especially men, are bored.

Life can be full of adventure. We were not placed on earth to figure this out on our own. We need to become crucial influencers and conscious fathers, parents, and mentors to our children, bringing them out of uncertainty into a prosperous life. We need to be ready right now.

Marius Van Der Nist, publisher of numerous international magazines, incl 220Triathalon, Triathlete, Sport & Image magazines as well as owner of American Golf Gear. This book is a depiction of his life, the trials, and tribulations he faced, aspirations he had as a sportsman and owning businesses, but realized life is all about choices and making them at critical times. “I know now, life is all about the mind…What the mind believes the body can achieve”!

--Marius Van Der Nist

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