Israel, Jerusalem, and The Jewish People: The Unredacted Truth

The State of Israel is 8,020 square miles or 0.014 percent of the earth's land surface, and as of May 2019, its population of 9,009,000 was approximately 0.1 percent of the earth's population; however, it seems to be daily in the global crosshairs.

In the Middle East, the Arab countries' territory and population are 650 times and 50 times greater than Israel's respectively. Israel's land area is 0.18 percent that of the Arab countries, and its population is about 2.5 percent that of the Arab countries. Business Insider ranks Israel as the number eight most powerful country based on its alliances, influence, and leadership in the world.

The State of Israel was accepted into the United Nations in 1949, yet the same organization has written 78 percent of its resolutions against Israel in addition to trying to change its history by denying the fact that Jerusalem was established as the capital of Israel by King David.

Israel has never started a war, yet it has had to constantly fight for its existence.

There are still thirty-six nations that do not recognize or have foreign relations with the State of Israel. Every country has had the freedom to choose its capital city, yet most countries refuse to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and have their embassies in Tel Aviv.

Israel did not exist for nearly two thousand years, and yet it was born in a day after its dispersed citizens returned despite or maybe because of persecution and the Holocaust.

We are witnessing the greatest miracle of our time and one of the greatest fulfillments of Bible prophecy, but many are still asking what is meant by the miracle.

God's truth is without compromise, and the prophecies about Israel are the clearest and easiest to understand; however, many do not know them or, for some reason, get them wrong.

Israel is the litmus test for the believer, and this book will guide the seeker to deeper biblical understanding with an abridged but unredacted truth about Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jewish people. The recommended list of additional reading, in concert with the Bible, serves as a guide for those who want to know more.

"A Bachelors degree from UCSD ensured both knowledge of and research of historical facts, a Masters degree in Education from GCU ensured quality of writing and ability to teach, but everything would have been in vain if not guided buy God and His Word."

--Mervi Karsi-Howard

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