Is The Gospel You Are Being Taught, The True Gospel of Jesus Christ?: If the beginning is wrong, does that change the ending?

Many people today talk about Jesus Christ, but they do not understand the complexity of who he is. They talk about him, about the miracles he performed and how you can do the same. They say to get the power of God, you need to do this or that. Have you ever asked your leaders, "What does it mean to be a living soul?" However, to understand the truth about Jesus Christ, you must explore him completely. Have you ever wondered why Jesus only taught about the kingdom of God? Have you ever asked about his family line? What about the connection between Jesus and Adam? Or what does it mean to be the Son of God? Is my Christianity "WOKE," or is the church a hospital for sinners or a sanctuary for saints? This book is designed to have you become a critical thinker about the things you have been taught about the nature and person of the Lord Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul tells us the "study to show yourself approved unto God..." Will you take the challenge to determine, "Is the Gospel you are being taught the true Gospel of Jesus Christ?" Our purpose is for you to do that which Jesus did, ask questions about your faith.

--Aaron Standberry

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