Into the Curtain of Light

Porter Carlson's frightening abduction from his home in the middle of the night by a strange man, fulfilled an ancient eighteenth-century promise. Porter's best efforts to reason with his captor fell on deaf ears. The words “You must fulfill the promise” spoken on that fateful night, filled Porter with an unsettling sense of doom and sent his heart spiraling.

Experience Porter's adventures and heartaches, as his captor forces him through a curtain of light and into a series of frightening events in unfamiliar territory. As terrifying shadows of the past continue to emerge, Porter must reach deep within for courage and rely even further on his faith.

Does an ancient relic hold the secret as to why he was taken and what challenges must he face as he finds himself fighting for his very life?

Follow him through actual bone-chilling historical events that will leave you searching.

--Kathy Carrico Himle

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