Intimate Encounters: Relating to God Through Your Quiet Time

Did you know that God wants to be so familiar to you that you can recognize him in your everyday life when he relates to you as the living God, your heavenly Father, and your closest friend? One of the most common ways that God will connect with you is through your private meetings with him. Your quiet meeting place with God is called your quiet time. God places great value on the quiet time you spend with him. As you value the practice of meeting with him on a regular basis, you will find your relationship with God growing to new levels of closeness and familiarity.

The problem is most Christians don't regularly meet with God in a daily quiet time because they don't know how to meet with him. New believers in Jesus Christ are rarely taught this basic practice. They are just encouraged to pray and read their Bibles. Rarely do they receive teaching on how to relate to God so that they can recognize when God relates to them.

Intimate Encounters: Relating to God through Your Quiet Time offers a practical program for new believers to develop the discipline of relating to God through daily quiet times. Intimate Encounters will teach you how to overcome distractions, read and study the Bible so that you can hear God's voice and learn about the Bible, pray the prayers that originate in the heart of God, develop new levels of intimacy with God through meaningful worship, and encounter God through your closest Christian relationships.

Intimate Encounters provides a program of study suitable for individuals or small groups. There are study helps strategically placed throughout each chapter and a small group discussion guide at the end of each chapter. New believers will find this program a helpful how-to guide for developing a close and familiar relationship with God during the early years of their Christian lives.

--Todd W. Schultz, Ed.D.

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