Intersecting Lives

Rose Thompson set out for Tinkers Well, Kansas, with no expectations for anything but a quiet summer spent with her kind but outspoken grandmother during their visit to the home of Granny Gert's old school chum, the wealthy widow Aletha Mason. Raised in a quiet town with no real excitement, Rose had always longed for adventure yet had resigned herself to never actually experiencing any. But as luck would have it, she is unexpectedly swept into a fairy-tale romance with Simon, the personification of male perfection, volunteers to help with the resurrection of a decrepit but glorious old Victorian mansion, and develops surprisingly rich friendships with three army-veterans-turned-home-renovators. In the course of her exploits, she learns that blissful dreams aren't always what they seem and that faith in the reality of God's grace and purpose is richer and more rewarding than any fantasy.

--Linda Edmister

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