Inspirations from the Heart Inspirations From the Heart

Ann has been through many trials in her life. God has touched her heart. she wrote “Inspirations from the Heart”, and hopes it touches your heart, as in this world we all need inspiration every day. Ann hopes you are all blessed by God and knowing everyone has a gift from God and to believe anything is possible. She believes we are all here for a reason and to make this world a better place to help others by overcoming in life and reaching for the brightest star.

Ann says too near or far across the sea, life is endless to you and your dreams to come true and believing in God to be as one. Never, ever give up in knowing the truth that lives in your heart. to walk in faith everyday with blessings untold. Life to Ann is caring and knowing she is going somewhere, to hopefully change lives and help others. She feels life is everything with a purpose and meaning, with truth that prevails in the end, and happiness of others who have been through their own trials in life. Ann wants to thank others for trials she went through, especially those she thought she was close to, for they touched her heart and she became a new person. She is now an author of her own book “Inspirations from the Heart” and soon many more for she loves to write about life that will touch other's hearts to hopefully reach for the stars. For she gives all to God, who put Inspiration in her heart to reach a crying world.

--Ann Grace

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