In the Midst of This Mess: A Mother's Journal

Hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, possible schizophrenia, dyscalculia, epilepsy, infertility, premenstrual syndrome, rebellion, depression, and personality disorder—welcome to the world of a family in chaos. But in the midst of it all, God was faithful, merciful, and always present.

The dream of a perfect family was not happening for this author. The possibility of ever having a family seemed to be out of reach. Adoption, however, granted a son, then a daughter. And soon after the daughter's adoption came a totally unexpected pregnancy, a second son. It finally looked as if that perfect family was a reality.

However, each of these children had challenges that generated emotional and physical changes within the family. Instead of perfection, there was chaos. Instead of stability, there was insecurity. And instead of calmness, there was continual strife.

When a family needs to work through emotional and physical challenges, permanent scars can be created along with feelings of frustration, abandonment, and rejection. Today, the children in this story are adults. Some still work through those scars, but most are emotionally stable and living productive lives.

In the Midst of This Mess: A Mother's Journal was written to share God's truths and to encourage families who might also be in chaos. Sometimes, we just need to realize we are not alone. Sometimes, we just need encouragement. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded that God is in control no matter what.

--Sharon K Miller

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