I'm the Chicken Named Dinner

I'm the Chicken Named Dinner

This is a true story of Dinner, a real Ameraucana chicken. Dinner is hanging out with her friends Weasley, a Maine coon cat, and Norman, a Rhodesian ridgeback dog. They all live on a farm.

The farm is located in Winter Garden, Florida, USA, and all three friends are cared for by their owners, Randy and Mary Ellen Cook (Nana and Pop-Pop) and Jordan, one of the couple's twelve grandchildren.

Dinner shares with Norman and Weasley the story of how she came to be on the farm and some of her experiences since being there. She was bullied and beaten up by the older chickens, lost a friend and a sister, and also had a very close encounter with a coyote. She feels very happy and privileged, is very grateful for the life she has, and greatly appreciates her two special friends. As of the publication of this book, all three friends are alive and still reside on the farm.

This book depicts a beautiful friendship, touches on the importance of not making fun of others, teaches children a brief lesson on how bad bullying is, and excellently exemplifies that it is possible to continue living and loving in spite of injuries, setbacks, or the loss of a loved one.

--Mary Ellen Cook

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