Icy Strait: The Alaskan Adventures of the Banjo Pilot

The Alaskan Adventures of the Banjo Pilot is the continuing saga of Duke “The Banjo Pilot” Steel and his family. Learn about Duke's new wife Doris as she tells us about her secretive and torrid past, and find out why she kept her past a secret all these years from Duke.

Join Duke and his family in their new adventure in Southeast Alaska where they start a brand new bush-flying business throughout the beautiful waters and snow-capped mountains from Ketchikan to Skagway. Join them on their flights up and down the waterways, and live the dangers they must endure in order to survive in this country.

Enjoy Duke and Doris as they start a new bluegrass band in downtown Juneau. And meet Duke's brother Gus as you've never known him as tragedy besets him and the family.

Discover how the Russian mafia threatens to either kill them or destroy their business. Will their business adventure come to an early end due to the threats from the mafia? Will the Steel family help expose the mafia to the FBI and help get rid of them from Southeast Alaska, or will the mafia prevail even stronger?

Learn the dirty secrets of child prostitution, and see how the Steels try to help eliminate this evil from Juneau.

Will the Steel family return to their beloved home in Mt. Airy, South Carolina, or will they choose to stay in Alaska?

All these questions and more are explored in this exciting sequel to The Banjo Pilot.

--Barry R. Willis

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