I Saw the Glory

I Saw the Glory is a true story of Dr. Durussia Jenkins' encounter with the hand of God. Her experiences with the supernatural resulted with writing poetry, books, and painting over two hundred images in four months' time. However, it was not just the uniqueness of the images and stories she created that intrigued and drew people to them, but the experience of how they had been done.

One night, as Dee was painting on the canvas, she suddenly fell into a trance like state. To anyone on the outside, it appeared that she had fallen into a deep sleep, but in all actuality, she was seeing into the heavenly realms of time, images, and pictures that would parallel the coming of events to unfold on the earth.

For weeks, night after night, Dee encountered the presence of God. Each time, He revealed new mysteries and unexplainable wonders, pointing to great moments in time and unknown moments to come. Dee knew that it was not going to be easy to convince people to believe in the images and words that God had spoken, but she knew that she had been mandated by God to present the future of His coming glory to the world.

--Dr. Durussia Jenkins

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