Hope Realized : Overcoming The Fear of Change

This book is an account and accumulation of information I have learned on my journey from the beginning to today. It also includes my testimony (how and why I came to Christ) and stories showing what happened to me afterward while journeying with God on my path of life. It talks about the steps I took (I believe the steps God wants all of us to follow) in becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. It also talks to how I put that training into my everyday life.

The most important aspect of this book in weaving my story throughout it is that it gives the reader my reasons why and shows the how-to everyone asks about. It will show the reader why the subtitle is “Conquering Your Fear of Change.”

I have been walking with the Lord for over thirty years (more than half of my life). I can now say that through my experiences, God truly loves me and has shown that to me countless times and that I trust him fully. I am now able to, every day, surrender my selfish will over to him and seek his guidance and direction (his will) for my life, no matter what the surrounding circumstances of life, to know that he loves me, wants me to be successful as a disciple of Jesus Christ, and is in control of life. I also know that all my prayers are being answered in his way and his timing. I may not ever see the result of my prayer, but I know he will answer each one. Don't you want that blessed assurance in your life? That hope to be able to change from who you were to who you are now and truly love yourself? Don't you want to feel that peace that passes all understanding each and every day along with the joy only God can offer? You can. Yes, even you can!

So, come join me as you visit my journey. Hopefully, you learn God's truth so you can compare it to the world's lies and decide for yourself which you will follow.

--Ben Buono

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