Hope Eternal

Thirteen-year-old Kyle watched his mom's face as he learned he had some form of cancer. Kyle was calm and quiet, never leaving his gaze off his mom. The doctor had questioned if he would become violent upon learning the news. She knew he wouldn't. Rebecca was having a difficult time grasping the words herself. How would Kyle react when the words truly set in? How would she react? She hadn't had time to think twice since the doctor told her.

Rebecca found herself in prayer, calling upon the Lord; after all, no one else was there with her. She needed someone, and this is when she realized she was relying on Jesus for strength and guidance. There was no time to process the news just given to them. Was this a mistake? Was this really happening? Then she remembered the Lord's words during prayer just two months earlier, “Prepare for cancer and diabetes,” not once but twice and ending with just “Prepare.” She had no idea what those words were referring to at the time, but now she found herself trying to prepare for the cancer journey lying before them. She drew her strength from the Lord, and she encouraged Kyle to do the same.

“I thought I would be old if I got cancer,” Kyle started in conversation on the ride home after that crazy first day on January 26, 2006. It was then Kyle's mom said they needed to always remember God has a plan, and He is in control. And what a plan God had for Kyle and his family!

Hope Eternal is a small journey on that path. Kyle's mom, Rebecca, finally understood what “prepare” meant, as Hope Eternal takes you on a journey revealing how a boy with childlike faith becomes a man wise beyond his years.

--Rebecca Lynn

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