Heaven's Work

Back Cover SummaryCharles Bishop is feeling the pressure. The investors in the company that he has formed to develop the next generation of bulletproof vests are growing impatient. Bishop Technologies needs to win the defense agency DARPA contract in order to survive, but there are other companies competing for the same contract. One of those companies has sinister intentions toward Charles and his company. Carol, Charlie's wife and business partner, is nearing a breakthrough development using her research into the uses of spiderweb silk fibers, but time is running out. When Charlie unexpectedly dies in an automobile accident, he is unable to finish his work on earth. Carol and his son, Aaron, are left to run his company and complete his work, but Carol and Aaron ask the question, why did God let this happen?Charlie awakes to find himself in heaven. Charlie asks the same question in heaven. And he finds answers though they are not what he expected. He discovers that he and the other angels are in the midst of a battle between the forces of the light and those of the darkness. It is a battle that has been waged throughout the ages. And God has work for Charlie to do, heaven's work. He must help Carol and his son, Aaron, to discover the gift that God intends for mankind, but this discovery cannot fall into the hands of those working for the darkness.Charlie will need the help of others to battle the forces of darkness and to accomplish God's plan. People like Lee Grissom, a retired FBI agent, and family and friends on earth and in heaven. This is a story of how God uses us, even after our death, to accomplish his work on earth and defeat the forces of darkness.

--John P. James

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