Grace: A Workbook

Grace. We use the word often. We “say grace” before meals. “There but for the Grace of God go I.” But do we know what it is? Do we fully understand the many dimensions of how Grace works? For many, the answer is “not really.” Hence, Grace: A Workbook. Dr. Clark brilliantly incorporates the theology of Grace with the psychology of every day experiences, always focusing on the core of the Gospel.

Grace: A Workbook is an invaluable tool to help us become the dynamic people that God has planned for us to be. It is a one-of-a-kind workbook written with a deep passion for the excitement of God's love and Grace. At the end, readers will come out with a fresh sense of Grace, as well as a fresh look at themselves and what we can become through the power of Grace.

The goals of Grace: A Workbook,

• To gain an in-depth understanding of Grace in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand interactive format;

This Workbook came about as a result of teaching for a year on Grace in her adult Sunday school class. In preparation, she read many excellent books about Grace. However, she realized that many people, because of their life experiences, may have confusion and/or uncertainty about how to incorporate Grace into their daily lives. Thus, these “lessons” were conceived. Each week in her class, as the lessons challenged the students to comprehend the power of God's love and Grace, they left feeling uplifted and excited to live their lives with a deeper faith and purpose in their Christian walk.

Grace: A Workbook is interactive. It can have great benefit for someone to use individually, or, even more so, in a group setting.

“Dr. Mary Clark knows from her personal journey, as well as from her vast clinical experience, how damaging it is to live under a veil of shame, law, and fear of punishment. Unfortunately, all too often, that is the crippling message conveyed by the church. Grace—A Workbook is a fragrant and thoroughly practical breath of fresh theological air, reconnecting us to the true heart of our gracious Father and his radically loving Son! Dr. Clark brings us not only the “grace insights” of a veteran Bible student but also compellingly addresses how grace can heal our brokenness, past and present. Thank you, Mary, for lifting up God's spectacular, unbelievable, life-giving unmerited favor!”

—J. Kevin Butcher, Pastor, Author, Choose and Choose Again: the Brave Act of Returning to God's Love (Navpress, 2016)

--Dr. Mary Franzen Clark

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