God and Free-Will : True Stories of Sins, Faith and Redemption

God and Free Will can be considered a spiritual and/or inspirational book. Every story in this book is true. It's about drinking with the devil, contemplating suicide, surviving Hurricane Katrina, sex abuse, divorce, and shady business practices. There are lessons learned when fishing in the Atchafalaya Basin, going on medical mission trips to Guatemala, eating a snowball, and the movies Star Wars, Princess Bride, Apollo 13, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Rocky. In addition, there are factual stories regarding Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, President Reagan, Pope John Paul II, a Doolittle Raider, a Japanese Pearl Harbor pilot, the atomic bomb, witnessing trauma, murder, and drug overdose. There is even an answer to why we suffer. Most of all, it's about hearing God's call to forgive, offer peace and love, and about people who changed the world, for better or worse—like a man who adopted two thousand children. In the middle of all these true stories is me—living in a world of sin, lies, and fighting for my redemption! God and Free Will is about choice and outcome that will bring death or everlasting life.

--John L. Fontana

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