Frank Finds Grace

He saw the young woman up the street as he came out of the bank. His attention was drawn to her when he noticed the graceful way she walked. He felt compelled to watch her. There was an elegance about the way she moved. She brought back the memory of a girl in Richmond. Was it possible she could be that girl?

When she stopped at the curb, she turned her face his way. His breath caught. He felt a strong desire to get acquainted. It was more than a desire, it was a deep need in the very core of his being.

Frank Madison was born and raised in Philadelphia, the son of a carriage maker. Grace Saulsby was the daughter of a wealthy Richmond, Virginia bank owner.

Frank Finds Grace is the story of fate turning ashes to beauty in the lives of two people who were destined to be together.

--Vicki Machoian

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