Forgotten Faces: Family Caregiver Voices

Forgotten Faces: Family Caregiver Voices takes readers directly into the homelives of actual caregivers to cognitively impaired family members.

This captivating nonfiction narrative rotates through the entire caregiving journeys of “Fred,” “Janice,” “Alice,” and “Yvonne,” whose wife, second husband, mother, and grandfather were diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia.

Dr. Tiller's personal and professional commentary compliments their earnest firsthand accounts to provide solace for prior caregivers, empowerment for new or future caregivers, and startling insights for their families, friends, neighbors, employers, or policymakers.

A portion of Forgotten Faces: Family Caregiver Voices proceeds will be directed to assist caregiver support groups.

“Forgotten Faces: Family Caregiver Voices captures the very essence of the limits placed on caregivers and offers an extraordinary view into their world.” —KATHLEEN M. WINTERS, MS, LN - Executive Director, Alzheimer's Family Organization

“Forgotten Faces is a compassionate look at an imminent problem that will touch most Americans' lives in the next two decades. This book is one you will want to keep as you plan to take care of someone dealing with cognitive impairment or even plan your own care.” —ANAND KUMAR, PhD

“There is a bonus in this book. Tiller explains the necessary legal documents that must be prepared and signed before the onset of this dementia. His segments on financial planning and the need for long-term care insurance are invaluable.” —GREGORY G. GAY, P.A. - Certified Elder Law Attorney

--Robert W. Tiller

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